"Demon". Kuzma Petrov – Vodkin. 1901.

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The painting was gained by the famous Ukrainian collector I.Luchkovsky directly from the artist’s daughter E. Dunayeva. At the present time it is in private collections in Poland. The painting was exhibited in Kharkiv museum (Ukraine) in 1960.

Moreover, in 1901 K. Petrov-Vodkin was in Munich, where he was deeply impressed by the works of German artist Franz von Stuck. And the paining of K. Petrov - Vodkin’s “Demon” also arose under the influence of such an art as F.Stuck’s “Lucifer”.

Looking at K. Petrov – Vodkin’s „Demon” you notice how incomprehensibly the color of the painting changes depending on the angle and falling light: from blue to dark gold.

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