GreenEnergyCoin token (Symbol - GEC). Box 3. GEC GREENENERGYCOIN progect.

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For sale: Box 3.

Quantity: 25'000 GEC.

Price: €0.10.

Total: €2'500.

GreenEnergyCoin token (Symbol - GEC). Utility token.

Blockchain Ethereum. ERC20 standard.

Smart contract: 0x4bbCf112eda80e57598Daf321Fc3e36F7896920a

Face value: 1GEC = € 0.1 or US $ 0.14.

Issuer: Stichting OFEK Hi-Tech Stichting Investment Foundation, 11C10, Stadionstraat, Breda 4815NC, Netherlands.

Start of listing on the exchange: January - February 2022

GEC GREENENERGYCOIN progect. https://www.greenofekco...

Support team contact:

After paying for the NTF token, the Buyer becomes Owner the NTF token, which is sent to his digital wallet in Blockchain: Ethereum. The owner of the NTF token can exchange the NTF token for GreenEnergyCoin (Symbol - GEC) tokens at any time.
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